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Our tours are divided between tours to get to know São Miguel, which are accessible to anyone without disabilities, and adventure tours to discover São Miguel's secret spots, including hikes that may require some physical fitness.

They take place from spring 2024.

Tours to get to know São Miguel

Ponta Delgada and West of São Miguel

A tour through the West of São Miguel, starting in Ponta Delgada and then visiting Sete Cidades and Mosteiros.

Duration: Full day. Includes a picnic lunch.

São Miguel, from North to South

This tour visits Ribeira Grande and then passes through Furnas, Povoação, Ribeira Quente, Vila Franca do Campo, Água D'Alto, and Lagoa do Fogo.

Duration: Full day. Includes a picnic lunch.

Northeast São Miguel

A tour of the Northeast of São Miguel, including Ponta do Cintrão, Achadinha, Algarvia, S. Pedro, Vila do Nordeste, and Ribeira dos Caldeirões.

Duration: Full day. Includes a picnic lunch.

Around the Island in Eighty Days One Day

This tour allows you to visit São Miguel's tourist attractions in just one day. Includes: Ponta Delgada, Ribeira Grande, Sete Cidades, Povoação, Lagoa do Fogo, Furnas, Nordeste, Povoação, and Vila Franca do Campo.

Duration: Full day. Includes a picnic lunch.

São Miguel in three days

Discover the island from one end to the other with our three tours: West, North-South, and Northeast.

When booking these three tours, we offer you a 15% discount.

Adventure tours: Discovering São Miguel's hidden spots

The Path of Light

The so-called "Factories of Light" were the first hydroelectric power production units in São Miguel, at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. These facilities harnessed the power of water in Ribeira da Praia as it flowed down the mountain.

Currently, the original light factories are in ruins, with an almost tropical appearance, where the trees grow on the walls of the old buildings.

After the Factories of Light, the stream turns into a massive waterfall, descending from above and displaying a brilliant rainbow created by the countless water droplets.

Then, continuing to follow the stream, whose waters are full of trout, we find the Cascata do Segredo (Secret's Waterfall) and its respective clear and pure water pool, excellent for a refreshing swim.

We end up reaching the sea and, shortly after, the vast sandy beach of Água D'Alto.

Type: Moderate adventure.

Duration: Full day. Includes a picnic lunch.

Salto do Cabrito, an astonishing canyon

Tour to the incredible Salto do Cabrito, São Miguel's most amazing canyon, followed by a dip in hot thermal waters.

Type: Moderate adventure.

Duration: Half day.

Saldo do Prego - In search of the hidden waterfall

It's a beautiful trail through Azorean nature to a hidden waterfall that cascades into a small lake of crystal-clear waters, perfect for a swim, especially in the summer.

On the way back, you'll pass through the charming old village of Sanguinho before descending to the coastal area of Faial da Terra.

Type: Moderate adventure.

Duration: Half day.

Climbing Pico da Vara

Pico da Vara is the highest point in São Miguel, and its ascent requires some physical fitness.

Initially, the trail passes through a dense forest of cryptomerias, followed by extensive high-altitude meadows.

Along the ascent, two plaques mark the crashes of airplanes, one from Air France in 1949 and the second from the Portuguese Air Force in 1943.

Type: Difficult adventure.

Duration: Half day.

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